vehicle total loss or reparableLife in western North Carolina is excellent. East of the Mississippi River, the highest mountain peaks are right here in our area. There are countless miles of gorgeous forests and landscapes to explore in those mountains. We have a high concentration of world-class mountain bike trail systems on the East Coast, such as DuPont State Forest Bent Creek, Kanuga, Tsali, and many others. 

However, millions of visitors come to our area for more than just land activities. Hundreds of people can be seen floating down the French Broad in tubes, canoes, kayaks, or paddle boards on any given summer day. If you want to try your hand at fly fishing, Jackson County in North Carolina is the place to go. 

Whitewater rafting on the Nantahala or French Broad Rivers is an amazing experience for anyone seeking an adrenaline rush. 

Here in the Asheville area, if you want to get outdoors, there are a plethora of activities available. Numerous residents and visitors, however, enjoy simply driving down the Blue Ridge Parkway or one of the many other twisty mountain roads. 

You can visit a world-class restaurant or see a concert after a day in the woods, on the water, or in the vehicle. The only downside to living in our area is the toll driving here can take on your car, especially during summer. 

Winter Car Wash Safety in Asheville and Western North Carolina

Many of the roads in our region are unpaved. You may feel as if you can never get your vehicle clean if you live on or use a dirt road often.

Due to our high elevation, we get more snow and winter weather than people down east. It's often the products used to treat the roads that make your automobile dirty, not the snow and ice. Even if it doesn't snow, your car will look like it was driven through Utah's Salt Flats after the roads have been treated with snowmelt solutions.

We're just too busy with our jobs, education, and enjoying our beautiful region to wash our cars by hand every week. However, an automatic car wash can be dangerous and potentially damage your vehicle.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to car wash damage:

  • The type of soap or cloth used can harm the paint on your vehicle.
  • While waxing, many drivers inadvertently cause damage to their vehicles.
  • Car washes, both touchless and non-touchless, can sometimes cause significant damage.
  • Even minor dents and dings can lead to the development of rust.

Here in the Asheville area, it is important to have your car washed often. However, if the car wash has caused damage, it’s best to repair it sooner rather than later, to prevent further damage from developing. 

The team at First Aid Collision is here to help. If you have dents, dings, or scratches from car wash damage, contact First Aid Collision or bring your vehicle by the shop as soon as possible