Vehicle Paint and Body Repair Asheville NCNo matter how cautious you are behind the wheel, no one is immune to dings and dents. Whether it’s a stray stone, a grocery cart gone wild, a hailstorm, or a careless driver, this type of damage is all too common. While it is often minor, that does not mean that you should put off the repair. Little scratches and scrapes can become big - expensive - problems down the road. Avoid the headache and visit Asheville NC’s vehicle paint and body repair experts: First Aid Collision.

When your vehicle sustains paint or body damage, we understand that it is an inconvenience to be off the road for any longer than you have to be. We pride ourselves on fast, efficient, and courteous service that restores your car or truck to its best condition. Our goal: to get you back behind the wheel in no time.

More Than a Cosmetic Problem

It’s just a little ding or dent: what’s the big deal? Well, maybe not much… at first. But when the paint is compromised on your vehicle, exposure to the elements leads to corrosion. Once rust gains a foothold, it spreads quickly and ruthlessly. This impacts the appearance of your ride, reduces your resale value, and can compromise the structural integrity of your car. And, with even minor accidents or fender benders, important components can be shifted out of place, causing extreme wear or unsafe operating conditions.

Get your vehicle fixed fast - and professionally. First Aid Collision utilizes industry-leading techniques, as well as field-tested processes and materials. No one looking at your vehicle would guess it was just in the shop for repairs!

Our skilled technicians have extensive experience and have honed their skills at over 25 auto dealerships throughout Western North Carolina. We’ve worked on just about every make and model out there, and our 4500 square foot state-of-the-art facility allows us to offer dealership-quality service and expertise to our customers.

First Aid Collision is proud to serve the people of the Asheville, NC area. When you need vehicle paint and body repair, make us your first call. We guarantee that you will be 100% satisfied with the results.