hailThere is no shortage of stunning scenery, from mile-high mountain peaks to rivers and creeks that crisscross the valleys. For Asheville locals, what might otherwise be a boring commute to work anywhere else is transformed into a scenic mountain traverse. 

Driving might be a hassle in certain metropolitan areas, but it is mostly a pleasure in Buncombe, Henderson, and neighboring counties. 

However, there are some factors that can turn even an Asheville area commute into a hassle. 

Heavy traffic plagues residents during tourist season, and the weather can turn on a dime from sunny to stormy, causing problems and hazards for drivers. 

There are challenges to living and driving anywhere. For western North Carolinians, thunderstorms in the spring and summer can bring with them hazardous amounts of rain, wind, and hail. 

If you can avoid driving in adverse weather, that is the safest and best practice for your car; nevertheless, if you are caught off guard and your vehicle suffers damage, the team at First Aid Collision is here to help

How to Avoid Hail Damage in Asheville

If at all possible, you want to avoid hail damage altogether. Here are some tips for not getting caught in a damaging hailstorm:

  • Keep an eye on local meteorologists on television, radio, and social media to find out when hail is expected.
  • Knowing when to anticipate those types of thunderstorms can go a long way toward avoiding car repairs. Some storm systems are more likely to produce cells capable of generating hail, thus knowing when to expect those types of thunderstorms may go a long way toward preventing vehicle repairs.
  • During the summer, avoid traveling in the late afternoon and early evening, if at all possible, as this is when storms are most likely to strike.
  • When severe weather is forecast, park your car in a garage or beneath a carport. This will shield your vehicle from big hail and wind-blown debris.
  • Install applications on your smartphone or tablet to receive notifications about changing weather conditions. Set them to alert you when thunderstorms capable of producing hail are in your area. 
  • Investigate locations along your route where you may pull over if a thunderstorm begins to produce hail.
  • Even if you can't park under cover, be prepared to pull over. It is preferable to be stopped than to drive through hail.

First Aid Collision Hail Damage Repair in Asheville, NC

Sometimes, hail damage is unavoidable. In the unfortunate event you get caught in a damaging hailstorm, First Aid Collision is here for you. 

We have repaired a number of dents and dings caused by adverse western North Carolina weather. 

If your car was caught in hail or damaged by falling limbs, trust your body shop repair needs to the experts at First Aid Collision in Asheville. Contact us or bring your damaged vehicle to the shop