Avoiding and Repairing Hail Damage to Vehicles in ArdenFirst Aid Collision is an auto body repair shop based in the south Asheville, Arden NC area of Western North Carolina. They say that if you do not like the weather in this area, wait five minutes, it will change. Generally, our weather is exceptionally pleasant. It is not too cold in the winter, at least compared to other high-elevation communities. In the summer, the weather is much cooler and far less humid than other cities on the east coast. 

The weather is usually perfect for hiking, mountain biking, and exploring the mountains surrounding Asheville. However, like any southern city, Asheville is prone to spring thunderstorms that cause frequent cloud-to-ground lightning, gusty winds, and dreaded hail. Whether you are a tourist visiting Arden or a longtime resident of South Asheville, if your car’s body has been damaged by hail, First Aid Collision is here to help.

Avoiding and Repairing Hail Damage to Vehicles in Arden

The primary goal for every driver when it comes to hail damage is avoiding it altogether. Unfortunately, it is not possible to prevent storms for dropping ice that damages your car’s exterior, but there are some steps you can take to minimize the risks:

  • Be weather aware. Know when and where there are higher risks of hail.
  • Download a weather app for your phone. When the app alerts you to area storms, pay close attention to details such as the potential for large hail and gusty winds. 
  • Follow local meteorologists on social media. 
  • Park your vehicle in sheltered areas when hail is in the forecast. If you have a garage, it may be wise to clean it out during spring and summer, so you can park your vehicle in it when hail is a threat.
  • If even small hail falls while you are driving, pull over and seek a sheltered area. Small hail may not cause much damage, but it may be indicative of larger ice to come. 
  • Have a plan for what happens if your vehicle is caught in hail.

If you are caught in hail and find your precious car damaged by falling ice, First Aid Collision can help. Bring your vehicle to us and we will fix it, repair damage, fix the dents, and hand it back to you like new! Above all, we want you to be satisfied with our work on your vehicle. If you need more information about how we can help repair your hail damaged vehicle, contact us today.