car paint jobDon’t DIY Your Car’s Paint!

Some jobs are made for DIY! You have a weekend or a free afternoon, and you’re ready to tackle some projects. Great! Painting walls, assembling a play area for the kids, fixing a blocked drain, applying weatherstripping to your doors and windows…. These are all excellent ideas to improve your home - and earn yourself a cold one. One item that should not make it to your to-do list: fixing or revamping your car’s paint job. Stop what you’re doing and slowly step away from the sander. It’s time to call First Aid Collision. 

Your Car’s Paint Job is Not a DIY Project

First Aid Collision is Asheville, North Carolina’s most trusted collision repair shop. We use a special mix of high-quality materials and supplies, combined with our extensive experience and superior customer service to bring you the best results in Asheville - and beyond. Want your vehicle to look as good as new? We’re your go-to team.

Our first priority is always your safety; we thoroughly examine your vehicle to diagnose the issues. If it’s body-related, you can be assured your car or truck is in the right hands. We have successfully handled everything from dents and dings to major collision damage. First Aid Collision also has a dedicated 4500 square foot facility so we can provide professional-grade results.

Technical expertise is just the beginning: we believe in treating each and every customer like they are our family. This means that we stand behind every job we take on; communicate with transparency; act with integrity, and charge you fairly. 

We want to make the process of repairing or improving your car’s paint job as easy and convenient as possible. In addition to our location (just off I-26), we offer shuttle service to and from a car rental company, short time-frame repairs, and a comfortable waiting area.

Don’t DIY when you can get professional results for a reasonable price. Think of all the time you'll save for your other projects! Contact First Aid Collision and let our team get your vehicle back in top shape.