ASE certified body shopThere are a lot of cities and regions in the state that are miserable places in which to drive. Commutes that take hours to go a few miles, combined with frequent delays due to road construction and fender benders make driving a chore in Charlotte and Raleigh. However, in the Asheville metropolitan area, commuting has an entirely different vibe. While you may still find yourself in the occasional traffic jam on I-240 or I-26, the wait times will be shorter than those in larger urban areas and the scenery much more appealing. 

If you are not commuting on the busier interstates and highways, you can enjoy some of the best driving on the east coast. From the famous, historic Blue Ridge Parkway to the Great Smoky Mountain Expressway and the many twisty mountain roads, there is so much to see throughout our area. The Asheville area is perfect for people who love to unwind with a long drive. 

That does not mean driving in our area is not without its challenges. One thing that can be tricky is trying to keep your car clean. There are several factors that combine to make your car dirty. We get about forty inches of rain each year that makes the roads filthy. There are several dirt roads in our area that can be especially muddy during rainy times. Being in the south, you can, of course, expect to encounter a lot of bugs. Plus, being in the mountains, snow and ice can fall during winter, which means roads will be treated with salt and brine.

Car washes get a lot of work year-round in the Asheville area. Unfortunately, sometimes your car can be damaged in the process of washing it. There are a few things to remember regarding car wash damage in western North Carolina. 

Repairing Car Wash Damage in Asheville and Western North Carolina

Here are a few things you should know about car wash damage:

  • The type of soap you use can damage your vehicle's paint
  • The type of sponge or cloth you use can damage your vehicle's paint
  • Many drivers accidentally damage their vehicles while waxing 
  • Sometimes automatic touchless and non-touchless car washes can do damage
  • Any scratches or dents and dings can lead to rust

If you have damage due to washing your car or from going through an automatic car wash, the team at First Aid Collision is here to help. We have many years of experience making repairs to vehicles for Asheville residents and tourists. We know this for sure, the sooner you make repairs, the better. Let us help you take care of your car's paint and surface. Contact First Aid Collision in Asheville, or bring your car to the shop.