Asheville, North Carolina is known for being a city of culture and entertainment. It has quickly become a center for economic growth, excellent careers, and rising property values for those who have made an investment in a home. It is also a city of unparalleled beauty, a place where mile-high mountains rise from the downtown skyline. Unlike other mountain and high elevation cities in the country, however, Asheville is not known for frequent bouts of winter weather. The average temperature remains relatively mild throughout the cold season. The mercury only dips below freezing about seven times each year on average, and the lower elevations of Buncombe County only see about a foot of snow annually.

Nevertheless, winter weather events that include snow, ice, and freezing rain occur several times each year. One of the things that makes our area unique is how different elevation and weather conditions can be from one town to another. In the higher elevation regions around the Tennessee border, some places average upwards of two or three feet of snow each year. When you are driving around western North Carolina in the winter, there are definitely hazards for which to watch out.

We are in the midst of the holiday season here in Asheville. Decorations and lights make for a magical scene everywhere you go. People are singing and carols are ringing and there is generally good cheer despite a difficult year for western North Carolinians. We are grateful for the season and all of the support we have received from our community, but we are also looking forward to the New Year. As we approach the day when the calendar starts over, people across the area are thinking about what kind of resolutions and goals to set. At First Aid Collision, we are here to help drivers set good New Year's Resolutions for their cars.

The holidays are here. There probably has not been this much anticipation for the holiday season in many years. This has been a challenging year for everyone in western North Carolina. Learning how to work from home and taking on remote learning with your little ones has been incredibly difficult. When you add in the uncertainty about jobs and health, it has truly been a unique time. 

As the holiday season approaches, many Asheville area residents are planning their travel itineraries, while those who will remain in the area know there will be some intense traffic throughout the weeks of Thanksgiving and Christmas. Unfortunately, there are more vehicle accidents than virtually any other time of the year. 

Whether you are staying local this year or traveling a distance, we want to help you avoid dents, dings, and vehicle damage.

You want to paint your living room? DIY! You are interested in putting in an herb garden? DIY!

You need to fix a slow drain in your shower? DIY (and blame anyone with a lot of hair in your household for clogging it up). There are endless do-it-yourself projects that are worthwhile, cost-saving, effective, and even satisfying at the end of the day. And then there is tackling your car’s paint job. This is not a DIY job. Unless you are a collision or auto body specialist on a day off, this is better left for the pros.