Your Car’s Paint Job Is Not a DIY Project

Your Car’s Paint Job Is Not a DIY Project

You want to paint your living room? DIY! You are interested in putting in an herb garden? DIY!

You need to fix a slow drain in your shower? DIY (and blame anyone with a lot of hair in your household for clogging it up). There are endless do-it-yourself projects that are worthwhile, cost-saving, effective, and even satisfying at the end of the day. And then there is tackling your car’s paint job. This is not a DIY job. Unless you are a collision or auto body specialist on a day off, this is better left for the pros.


Here’s why.

Car Paint Jobs: Cost Is Just One Factor

How much is this going to cost me? It’s a question we ask ourselves about pretty much every financial decision we are faced with. If you go to a professional for a paint job, your cost depends on the type of work you want done. For example, a basic paint job typically costs under $1000. A standard job, which involves more extensive sanding, removal of impurities, and greater attention to detail runs from $1000 to $3000. 

Finally, a showroom-quality paint job - in which the pro strips off all the paint, hammers out dents and dings, and applies dozens of layers of paint - can cost between $2500 and $20,00+. (You typically wouldn’t spend on this on your Ford Fiesta, but if you have a vintage or collectors’ car or a high-end luxury model, you may want to invest in this level of expertise.)

To paint your car yourself, you’ll need supplies. Again, depending on your vehicle make and model, this can range from $100 to $1500. Some must-haves include sandpaper, masking tape, spray gun, primer, paint in your preferred color, and topcoat. And don’t forget your PPE: you’ll want gloves, goggles or glasses, a dust mask for sanding, and, if possible, a painter’s respirator for painting.

But still, this seems like quite a deal!

All right - but have you factored in “costs” that are more difficult to quantify? Like the space. Do you have an area that is well-ventilated and as dust-free as possible? Like the time. Do you have hours to spend applying primer, waiting for it to dry, and reapplying (a few times), waiting for it to dry, applying paint, waiting for it to dry, and applying topcoat? Like the specialized tools. If you have dents and dings, you’ll need to pop them out or smooth them with filler. Like the headaches. Is this really how you want to spend your free time?

And then ask yourself the same questions in a few months - because DIY car paint jobs do not typically last as long as a professional job, nor do they look as… well, professional.

Two More Reasons to Avoid DIY Car Paint Jobs

There are two other significant reasons to choose a professional paint job:

  • Resale Value. If you plan on selling or trading in your vehicle, you need it to look its best. Resale value drops dramatically with dents, dings, rust, corrosion, and sub-par paint jobs!
  • Safety. If you get in a little fender bender, you may just have some minor visible damage. However, it is worth getting a professional opinion in case parts and components shifted in the impact. They could be rubbing against other parts or whacked out of alignment, which can impact both performance and safety. Before you buff it out yourself, get a good diagnosis. 

Go Pro!

When you go with a professional for your car’s paint job, you get optimal results, free up countless hours, and save yourself more than a few headaches. The experts at First Aid Collision will get your vehicle looking its pristine best so you can focus on some other DIY projects around the house! Contact us today to schedule your appointment.