Dangers of Spring Driving in Asheville NC

Dangers of Spring Driving in Asheville NC

One of the reasons people move to Asheville is the weather. From spring through fall, mild temperatures make it comfortable to stay outdoors all day long. Winter can be another story, however. We have had a long winter here in Asheville. The season started with a shocking white Christmas, but snow, ice, and cold have not let up since December. There are signs the cold weather will hang on through March. But spring is coming. 


You have tiptoed around western North Carolina in the snow and ice to avoid damaging your car. Spring brings its own set of dangers, however, so it is important to pay attention to the weather and your surroundings through the season. Here are seven potential vehicle body dangers you can encounter during spring in Asheville, NC. 

Seven Spring Auto Body Dangers in Asheville, NC

1) Spring Weather and Thunderstorms 

From March through May, winter and spring fight for who gets the right to dictate our weather. That battle leads to wild temperatures swing and rapidly changing weather. Spring thunderstorms bring a variety of potential vehicle dangers, including:

  • High winds that can blow debris into your car's body, such as tree limbs and unsecured lawn furniture
  • Large hail that can seemingly come out of nowhere and causes dents and dings
  • Heavy rain that can lead to hydroplaning and vehicle accidents

To avoid spring thunderstorm damage, here are some quick tips:

  • Pay attention to the weather forecast 
  • Trust local meteorologists over your phone's weather app
  • Download a weather radar app to your phone and avoid driving when thunderstorms are threatening
  • If hail is imminent, park your car under a carport or in a garage
  • Secure your lawn furniture if it is going to be windy 
  • Slow down in the rain and leave extra distance between you and other vehicles
  • After thunderstorms, beware of debris on the road, especially when driving at night

Spring thunderstorms are an inevitable part of living in the mountains. Watch out for wind and hail and avoid driving in adverse conditions if at all possible.

2) Increased Wildlife Activity

Just like you and your family, wildlife will be venturing outdoors to enjoy the spring weather. Deer, bears, and even elk (if you are driving toward Cherokee) can do catastrophic damage to your vehicle. Smaller animals such as raccoons, opossums, rabbits, and birds can dent your fenders and scratch your paint. Beware critters large and small while you're driving in western North Carolina during spring. 

3) Traffic Jams and Fender-Benders

We are not the only ones who like to get outdoors in the mountains during spring. As bad as traffic can be during winter, spring will begin the tourism season and add an additional ten million cars to the road. Traffic jams are inevitable. Whether you are a local or a visitor, if you find yourself in a spring fender bender, the team at First Aid Collision is here for you

4) Pollen 

Allergy sufferers may love spring but dread pollen. Besides making us sneeze, and our noses run, pollen will pile up on your vehicle and can actually contribute to scratched paint. Beware of spring pollen on your vehicle. 

5) Potholes

Once the snow and ice melt for the final time this winter, our roads are going to have a fresh set of new potholes. When water from snow, sleet, and freezing rain freezes gets down into the cracks in asphalt and concrete, it expands and damages the road's surface. The few short months of winter can really do a number on your neighborhood streets. Hitting a pothole can cause you to bottom out and damage your fenders and bumpers. Watch out for potholes as you hit the road this spring.

6) Flood Debris

With the excess rain that comes from spring storms, flooding is inevitable. There is a lot of terrain variation in our region, which leads to frequent flash flooding on roadways. When the water recedes, debris such as logs, boulders, and asphalt can do significant damage to your vehicle if you do not see it. Keep your eyes peeled when driving after flash flooding.

7) Road Construction

Spring is a season for fixing the potholes caused by winter weather. Road construction will slow traffic and could lead to fender-benders. If you cannot avoid spring driving hazards in Asheville, you need a body shop you can trust. First Aid Collision is here to help. Contact us, or bring your car to the shop, and we'll help make your car look like new.