Can I DIY Auto Body Repair?

Can I DIY Auto Body Repair?

OOPS! You have been involved in a vehicle accident. The first thing on your mind is “I don’t have time for this” and “What is this going to cost me?” When driving your vehicle around, the body of your car is your first defense to all the other two-ton death machines driving around you. So you don’t want to comprise that layer of protection by trying to do the job of the experts. It’s best to stay in your lane to avoid further damaging your car. 


Auto body repair, even the smallest of repairs, requires specific tools and expert knowledge. There is no safe way to operate these tools without the proper training. It can be super tempting to just Google a quick solution to your auto body repair but DIYing your car will end up costing you more money than the initial repair in the first place. 

You’re Missing the Bigger Picture 

With a simple dent or scratch on the surface, the problem may seem manageable for a DIY. But, do not be deceived, underneath the dent or scratch could lie huge structural issues that put you in danger on the road. A bent frame can be detrimental to your vehicle, if the bent frame is not addressed, more damage to other parts of your vehicle are sure to come. The frame is the backbone of the car and if not taken care of properly, your vehicle’s health will deteriorate quickly. An auto body repair shop will look for any structural damage to your vehicle and ensure that it is fixed properly. Giving you the assurance that your vehicle will be able to protect you to the best of its ability while on the road.

Resale Value Just Dropped

You catch yourself staring at that spot on your car that is missing paint or that faded panel, you think, I could easily paint this myself. You even look up YouTube videos on how to go about DIY painting your car. But, after all is said and done, it just doesn’t match the color of the car. 

Matching your vehicle’s paint is almost impossible from store-bought products. Most cars have unique paint formulas that use up to three coats of different colors to achieve that specific shade. On top of that, the finish could be pearlescent or metallic, leaving your paint job looking flat against the shine of the original color. Auto body painters have the experience needed to not make a mistake during the painting process, saving you countless hours and money in the long run. 

A big reason to consider before picking up the paintbrush or diving into a DIY auto body repair is resale value. If you ever plan to sell or trade your vehicle, your car’s resale value drops significantly from botched paint jobs, dents, and scratches.

You might think that a do-it-yourself auto body repair project is the key to saving money, but with all the unseen issues that can come from these DIY projects, it is best to leave it to the professionals. At First Aid Collision, our team consists of highly certified technicians and estimators who use the best tools and paints on the market. We serve our customers by explaining everything we do and only recommending services you need. Contact First Aid Collision for help with your vehicle today!