Auto Body Repair Asheville NCThere are few places you can be surrounded by mountains in a large city. The largest city in the Appalachian Mountains, there is really nowhere like Asheville in which you can have all the amenities of an urban region surrounded by such beauty. That is part of what has brought tends of thousands of new residents to Buncombe and Henderson counties in the last two decades. Of course, the emphasis on art, incredible food, authentic music, and outdoor activities have certainly contributed to our growth. With new people have come new business, and thus, more new people. With more new people, there are more new businesses, and so on.

Whether you have lived here for a year or for generations, you have seen the increases in traffic. More traffic means more danger on the road for your vehicle's body. At some point, you will need auto body repair in Asheville, NC. First Aid Collision is here to help you with the highest quality auto body repair in western North Carolina. Here is what you need to know about how to handle your vehicle's body damage:

What You Need to Know About Auto Body Repair in Asheville, NC

There are a number of auto body hazards in western North Carolina, including:

  • Storms and Hail:Western North Carolina has great weather almost all the time. However, spring and summer thunderstorms can bring large hail that will cause dents and dings to your vehicle's body. 
  • Snow and Ice:Ice storms can bring down tree limbs onto your vehicle, while snow makes the roads slick and dangerous. Asheville typically gets several rounds of snow and ice each year. 
  • Wind:Living in the mountains means dealing with wind. Wind-driven debris like tree limbs and loose furniture can do a number on your car's body and paint. 
  • Traffic:With hundreds of thousands of residents and millions of tourists, traffic jams and fender benders are inevitable. 
  • Parking Lots:Whether you are parking at the supermarket or the trailhead, the parking lot can be tight. Door dings and bumps from cars and bikes can be inevitable. 

There are certainly a number of potential driving and parking dangers in western North Carolina, but overall, this is a great area to drive. Even on your commute to work and school, you are surrounded by beautiful views. When you aren't commuting, you can jump on the Blue Ridge Parkway or a backroad to something stunning and peaceful. If you do find your vehicle's body damaged by life in western North Carolina, contact the team at First Aid Collision for auto body repair in the Asheville area