Accident Repair Asheville NCAsheville, North Carolina is one of the most beautiful cities on the East Coast. As winter fades into spring, people travel to our area from all over the world. Buncombe County welcomes tens of millions of tourists every year. Even during the pandemic, visitors came here for everything that makes this area special, including but not limited to:

  • The hundreds of thousands of acres of virtually untouched wilderness
  • The Biltmore House and village
  • Countless miles of hiking and mountain biking trails
  • Driving on the famous Blue Ridge Parkway 
  • Experiencing the restaurants and small businesses that make Asheville show up on lists of must-visit places

With so many people traveling to Asheville, and tens of thousands of new residents moving here every year, traffic becomes an issue during the busy seasons. With excess traffic comes vehicle accidents. Unfortunately, when you are on the road, there is always a chance to be involved in an incident. Here are some tips for what to do in case you find yourself involved in a crash.

What to Do After an Accident in the Asheville Area

Here are some important steps to take after a vehicle accident:

  1. Remain calm and try your best not to panic. 
  2. Make sure you and all your vehicle's occupants are safe. 
  3. Contact 911 if anyone is injured. If the incident is minor and no one is hurt, you may just contact local police or the Highway Patrol. 
  4. Pull your vehicle over to the side of the road if it is safe and possible to do so. 
  5. Check on the occupants of other vehicles if it is safe and possible. 
  6. Exchange information with any witnesses who may have pulled over to help. 
  7. Take photographs of the accident scene if it is at all possible. 
  8. Talk to your insurance company as soon as you can. 
  9. Make sure you have located all of your vehicle's paperwork. Retrieve it from the vehicle before it is towed away if possible. 
  10. Bring your vehicle to your trusted collision repair shop as soon as possible. 

Auto Accident Repair Asheville, NC

First Aid Collision is your trusted automobile accident repair shop in Asheville and western North Carolina. By providing the highest quality auto body repair, we have helped countless area drivers get back on the road. We will make the accident repairs you need as quickly and affordably as possible. We will work with your insurance company to ensure the experience is as convenient as possible. Whether you are traveling through the area or you call Buncombe County home, contact First Aid Collision for more information about auto accident repair services. We are here to help provide the accident repair you need.